Carol Anderson


Anderson, Carol. (Ed.). 2002.
Connections Networking Directory, 3rd edition. Toronto: Dancer Transition Resource Centre.
Connections is designed to facilitate research and inquiries for transitioning dance artists. The idea behind this networking guide was to put dancers in touch with those who have experienced both the achievements of professional careers in dance and the insecurities of transition. Each listing represents a former professional dancer who has found fulfillment in a second career and understands the upheaval of transition. This directory is indexed by occupation and geography. It is also available in French.


Anderson, Carol. (Ed.). 2002. On Transition – Dialogues from the Dancer Transition Resource Centre Conferences 1985-1998. Toronto: Dancer Transition Resource Centre.
This publication chronicles the conferences of the Dance Transition Resource Centre. There are four strands titled Transitions, Resources, Training and The Dancer in Society. Interwoven, are details of the DTRC’s beginnings and first fifteen years of existence, examples of Executive Director Joysanne Sidimus’ determination and vision, inspiring stories of transition, and fascinating background to the development of the Canadian dance milieu. Thoughts about the Status of the Artist, the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, dance in education, multiculturalism, the Artists’ health Centre, and other evolving issues salt the discussions.

ISBN: 0-9698273-2-6

Anderson, Carol. 2002. Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance: Part 2. Toronto: Dance Collection Danse Press/es.
Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance, Parts 1 and 2 provide a snapshot of Canadian theatrical dance at the dawn of the third millennium as seen by Carol Anderson during the 1998 and 2000 Canada Dance Festivals in Ottawa. As relevant as these public diaries are today, they will become even more significant with time and may be the only lasting record of this period in the theatrical dance story. Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance Part 2 reflects the thinking of the period, the approach to theatrical dance and the meatier aspects of the subjects and themes running through the works.

ISBN 0-929003-48-9, softcover $19.95

Anderson, Carol. 1999. Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance: Part 1. Toronto: Dance Collection Danse Press/es.
With the millennium in full swing, Carol Anderson looks intensely at Canada's contemporary dance artists and their work. A week-long visit to the Canada Dance Festival provided a cross section of new dance works for Anderson's eye. She provides insightful musings on the choreography plus thoughts about trends – industrial influences, dwindling resources, dance and cultural diversity, what's on the minds of presenters and the dance community. All this, and a concise history of the Canadian dance festival as a cultural phenomenon.

ISBN 0-929003-99-9, softcover $19.95

Anderson, Carol. 1999. Rachel Browne: Dancing Toward the Light. Winnipeg: J.Gordon Shillingford Publishing, Inc.
Dancing Toward the Light is a biography of dance artist Rachel Browne. The book follows her life through her childhood to her studies in New York, her time with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and her years as a modern dancer, founder and artistic director of Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers. The writing tracks the changes that have led Browne to her present investigations as a choreographer, in which her art, her politics and her craft align.

ISBN 1-896239-53-6, softcover

Anderson, Carol. (Ed.). 1998. This Passion: For the Love of Dance. Toronto: Dance Collection Danse Press/es.
This remarkable collection of original essays captures the indefinable, the moment of inspiration, the fleeting image, the passion that is the essence of dance. This Passion is the work of 18 authors, all of them dance professionals, as they reflect in very personal ways on the people and ideas that have influenced them and shaped the Canadian dance scene over the past 50 years and more. The collection as a whole offers a rich, informal and impressionistic account of the evolution of Canadian dance and will become an invaluable source both for dance scholars and the general dance audience.
ISBN 0-929003-37-3, softcover $18.95

Anderson, Carol. 1993. Judy Jarvis, dance artist: A Portrait. Toronto: Dance Collection Danse Press/es, The Danny Grossman Dance Company, and the Judy Jarvis Foundation.


Anderson, Carol. 2000. Editor and contributor to “Local Heroes.” Dance Umbrella of Ontario web site,
Local Heroes celebrates a century of Ontario's dance legacy. DUO's website spotlights artists who have pointed the way toward the extraordinary flowering of dance in this province during the last century. Not meant to be exhaustive, it does not attempt to detail all of the significant artists and wide-ranging achievements of Ontario dance artists, but to highlight the richness of dance through the activity of artists engaged with varied kinds of dance activity. The huge scope of professional, community-based and culture-specific dance is only hinted at through these articles.


Anderson, Carol. 2000. Editorial Consultant and Contributor to “Step by Step.” Dance Umbrella of Ontario web site,
DUO’s Web workbook allows you to research topics that relate to operating your dance business from budgeting to publicity to applying for arts grants. Leading Ontario arts professionals offer their expertise, experience and knowledge on important dance management subjects.


Anderson, Carol. 2000. “Stephanie Ballard”, “Anna Blewchamp”, “Ruth Cansfield”, “David Earle”, “Denise Fujiwara”, “Judy Jarvis”, “Lillian Jarvis”, “Toronto Dance Theatre”, “Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers”. In Susan Macpherson (Ed.),
Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada/Encyclopédie de la Danse Théâtrale au Canada. Toronto: Dance Collection Danse Press/es.
ISBN: 0-929003-42-X, softcover $29.95, hardcover $45.00


Anderson, Carol. November 2000. “Dance and Youth.” Background paper for Dance Advisory Panel of the Canada Council for the Arts.


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Anderson, Carol. 1997. "Rachel Browne:Dancing Toward the Light.” In Selma Odom and Mary Jane Warner (Eds.), Canadian Dance Studies Volume 2. Toronto: Graduate Programme in Dance, York University.


Anderson, Carol. 1994: “Jarvis, Judy”, “Canadian Children's Dance Theatre”; 1997: "Fusion Dance”, “Adams, Lawrence and Miriam”; updated in 2002. In Kathryn Merritt, Dance Editor, The Canadian Encyclopedia. McClelland & Stewart and Historica Foundation.


Anderson, Carol. 1990/91. “Dance for Young Audiences.” Study prepared for the Dance Section of the Canada Council for the Arts.




Megan Andrews

Andrews, Megan. (Publisher/Founding Editor). The Dance Current. Ongoing periodical publication, May 1998 to present. Toronto: Dance Media Group/Groupe Danse Média.
The Dance Current is a Canadian dance periodical published by Dance Media Group/Groupe Danse Média and is comprised of a print and an online component. The print publication (nine issues per year) takes the reader inside the art and culture of dance through artist profiles, interviews, opinion editorials, news, listings and commentary. The online component also publishes news and listings, and features weekly reviews of dance performances by Canadian artists across Canada. Contributors include emerging and established Canadian dance artists and writers. Dedicated to Canadian content, the magazine integrates inclusive coverage of all dance forms. For more information about The Dance Current, please visit the web site:

ISSN: 1496-1415, subscriptions: Canada: $34.00 individual, $50.00 library; United States: $45.00 individual, $60.00 library; International: $75.00 individual, $90.00 library

Andrews, Megan. 2001. “A Brief History of the Dance in Canada Association: Aggregation and Erosion.” Society for Canadian Dance Studies E-Journal, Vol. 1/Journal électronique de la Société des études canadiennes en danse, vol. 1. Toronto: Visus Foundation.
The Dance in Canada Association and the initiatives its members spearheaded had an enormous impact on the growth and direction of theatrical dance in Canada from the 1970s to the late 1980s. This paper provides a brief overview of the association from its inception to its demise, highlighting key achievements including the Dance in Canada magazine and the annual conferences with associated festivals. While a full examination is beyond its scope, this paper offers a snapshot that aims to recognize the contributions of the association and its members.

ISBN: 0-97303610-09, CD-ROM format $20.00

Andrews, Megan. 2000. “Building Bridges: The Grassroots Story of a Dance Periodical.” Unpublished Major Research Paper. Graduate Programme in Dance, York University.
This paper documents the dream, manifestation and evolution of The Dance Current magazine from research and development in the fall of 1997 through to its functional existence in the fall of 2000. Written in the first person from the point of view of the publisher and founding editor, the paper contains a brief historical context, covers the debates, decisions, challenges and successes of these early years, and concludes with an evaluation of the issues and concerns facing the publication after two-and-a-half years of publication.


Andrews, Megan, Bowring, Amy, Cauthery, Bridget, Cornell, Katherine. 2000. “Research Towards the Establishment of a National Dance Publication, Final Report.” Study prepared for the Dance Section of the Canada Council for the Arts.
This report is the final document created by DanceMedia Research Group following a four-month period, from February through June 2000, spent evaluating and analyzing the state of dance periodical publishing in Canada. The research was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the report was filed in August 2000. The report includes results of a national questionnaire, analysis of existing arts publications (both print and online), a working model for a dance publication and recommendations based on the research conducted. It also includes copies of minutes from meetings conducted on this topic held between January 1999 and May 2000.