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Dance Collection Danse Magazine
Dance Collection Danse Magazine is the vehicle through which DCD disseminates articles about its archival work, its new books and research on the Canadian dance story. Authors are commissioned to write pieces for publication. The Magazine is freely distributed and is also used for annual private fundraising.
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An Instinct for Success: Arnold Spohr and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Author: Michael Crabb
Arnold Spohr is outspoken, ambitious, demanding, uncompromising and even combative when it comes to dealing with those whose dedication to the arts falls short of his own. He's also one of the most honoured, respected and loved figures in the history of Canadian dance. Artistic director of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for 30 years, Spohr put the RWB firmly on the national and international map. He engaged the best choreographers and toured the RWB extensively. A legend in his own time, Arnold Spohr's contribution to the artistic life of Canada is ultimately immeasurable.
288 pp., 6X9, ISBN 0-929003-45-4, hardcover $34.95


Ceccheti: A Ballet Dynasty, Author: Livia Brillarelli
The story of the Cecchetti family of dancers is a remarkable tale of talent, celebrity and enterprise. Through a feast of photographs from the family's personal archives and fascinating narrative, a new perspective is drawn on four generations of Cecchetti dancers, beginning with Enrico's dancing parents to his grandson, the last member of this remarkable family dynasty. Significantly, Enrico made remarkable transitions through three very different epochs of theatrical dancing – the Italian Ballo, the Russian Imperial Ballet and Diaghilev's Ballets Russes. Award Winner – Design, Layout and Printing.
88 pp., 11X8.5, 79 duo-tone photos, ISBN 0-929003-27-6, softcover $27.00


Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance, Part 1, Author: Carol Anderson
With the millennium in full swing, Carol Anderson looks intensely at Canada's contemporary dance artists and their work. A week-long visit to the Canada Dance Festival provided a cross section of new dance works for Anderson's eye. She provides insightful musings on the choreography plus thoughts about trends – industrial influences, dwindling resources, dance and cultural diversity, what's on the minds of presenters and the dance community. All this, and a concise history of the Canadian dance festival as a cultural phenomenon.
125 pp., 9X6, 59 photos/illus., ISBN 0-929003-99-9, softcover $19.95


Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance, Part 2, Author: Carol Anderson
Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance, Parts 1 and 2 provide a snapshot of Canadian theatrical dance at the dawn of the third millennium as seen by Carol Anderson during the 1998 and 2000 Canada Dance Festivals in Ottawa. As relevant as these public diaries are today, they will become even more significant with time and may be the only lasting record of this period in the theatrical dance story. Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance Part 2 reflects the thinking of the period, the approach to theatrical dance and the meatier aspects of the subjects and themes running through the works.
129 pp., 6X9, ISBN 0-929003-48-9, softcover $19.95


China Dance Journal, Author: Grant Strate
In 1996, China was developing quickly and the dance scene was seeking a contemporary voice. During Strate's fourth teaching trip to China, September–October 1996, he kept a daily journal of the five-week adventure. This is not the diary of a tourist, but the first-hand impressions of a working dance teacher, written at the end of long arduous days. Strate records his personal thoughts and feelings on dance in China – complicated by language barriers, the fixed attitudes of the institutional dance academies, strange food and Chinese medicine – while maintaining his innate humour and sense of irony.
72 pp., 4.5X8, 17 photos, ISBN 0-929003-26-8,
softcover $12.95


Dance Encounters, Author: Leland Windreich
In his home town of San Francisco, Lee Windreich was captivated by the parade of dance companies that began touring there in the 1930's. His affinity became the exotic Ballets Russes dancers. After discovering Vancouver teacher June Roper, who produced a remarkable number of ballet dancers in the late 1930's, further research led to a substantial and undocumented history of Canadian Ballets Russes dancers. Other subjects include Australian Ringland Anderson's Ballets Russes films, the controversy between Patricia Neary and Ballet B.C., George Balanchine, James Kudelka, Agnes de Mille and Karen Jamieson.
230 pp., 6X9, 26 photos, indexed, ISBN 0-929003-30-6, softcover $28.95


Dancing for De Basil: Letters to her Parents from Rosemary Deveson 1938-1940, Editor: Leland Windreich
What is life really like in a big ballet company? In 1938, at age 16, Rosemary Deveson joined the Ballet Russe after a hurried midnight audition in Vancouver for Colonel de Basil and David Lichine. She signed a contract that morning, and with her friend Patricia Meyers, joined the famous ballet company. Within two years she had performed across Europe and in Australia, studied in Paris with Olga Preobrajenska, and was growing up very fast. Naïve and honest, articulate and vivid, Rosemary's letters tell it like it is, sometimes telling too much!
176 pp., 6.6X9.5, 40 photos/illus., ISBN 0-929003-22-5, softcover $26.95


Encylopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada, Editor: Susan Macpherson
The first comprehensive French/English language dance book produced in Canada, the ETDC/EDTC reflects 150 years of Canadian dance through 275 entries: dancers, choreographers, companies, dance works, and music composed for dance. The ETDC/EDTC is the authoritative source on Canadian theatrical dance – an invaluable reference for studies of dance, for international journalists and Canadian Studies' programmes.

Encyclopédie de la Danse Théâtrale au Canada, Rédactrice : Susan Macpherson
Le premier livre intégral anglais/français produit au Canada, l'EDTC/ETDC raconte 150 ans de danse canadienne en 275 articles: des danseurs, des chorégraphes, des compagnies de danse, des chorégraphies, et de musique originale composée pour la danse. L'EDTC/ETDC est la référence pour la danse canadienne: une source intégrale pour l'étude de la danse, pour les journalistes internationaux et les programmes d'études canadiennes.
672 pp., 9X7, 200 photos, ISBN 0-929003-42-X, softcover $29.95, hardcover $45.00


Estivale 2000 Canadian Dancing Bodies Then and Now, Editor: Iro Valaskakis Tembeck
Estivale 2000 was a three-day scholars' gathering hosted by Université du Québec à Montréal's dance department in May 2000. The conference focussed specifically on historical, critical and aesthetic research on dance conducted by and about Canadians. It was a first such venture in its choice to dwell solely on Canadian content and thus bring greater visibility to this research area. Its "co-lingual" format left the choice to presenters to speak either in French or in English and these proceedings respect the language of presentation.

Estivale 2000 Les Corps dansants d'hier à aujourd'hui au Canada, Rédactrice : Iro Valaskakis Tembeck
En mai 2000 le Département de danse de l'Université du Québec à Montréal organisait l'Estivale 2000. Ce colloque de trois jours fut une première rencontre entièrement dédiée à la recherche historique, critique et esthétique concernant l'art chorégraphique du Canada. Les présentations ont suivi une formule "co-lingue" laissant le choix à chaque conférencier(e) de parler en anglais ou en français et ces actes de ce colloque respectent la langue de présentation.

257 pp., 7X10, ISBN 0-929003-50-0, softcover $39.95


Express Dance: Educators’ Resource for Teaching Dance – Grades 7 to 12, Authors: Carol Oriold, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja
The Express Dance method is designed for high school levels and offers a safe, creative and physically invigorating program of movement classes. Teachers with no background in dance can use the Express Dance method and feel confident in meeting curriculum requirements and expectations. Allen and Karen Kaeja developed this method through their teaching experience in high schools firmly believing that, "Dance is human gesture and gesture has been the principal mode of communication among human beings since the beginning of time. Express Dance is not an attempt to provide dance training, but to help students understand their physical potential and how that potential can be used as a means of self-expression."
60 pp., 8.5X11, ISBN 0-929003-36-5, coil bound $24.95


Form Without Formula, Author: Patricia Beatty
In her concise guide to the choreographic process, Beatty discusses subjects such as the components of movement, working methods, theme and variations, music, lighting and costuming in clear and easy to understand terms. Danny Grossman describes Form Without Formula as a "very valuable book for young choreographers…It deals with the very substance of art, personally, practically and with profundity." Students will find the book indispensable as a check-list, an inspiration, a catalyst, and anyone interested in the creative act will be rivetted.
64 pp., 7X5, ISBN 0-929003-17-9, softcover $9.95

From Automatism to Modern Dance: Françoise Sullivan in New York, Author: Allana Lindgren
Françoise Sullivan's desire to discover dance and life beyond the borders of her Montreal home shows that the longing for a "global acceptance of life and its riches" was an Automatist tenet by which she lived. As evidenced in her early choreography, and in her essay, Dance and Hope, in 1946 Sullivan immersed herself in New York's Franziska Boas Dance Group with an open-minded curiosity and desire for self-discovery.
ISBN 0-929003-54-3, $21.95


Grant Strate: A Memoir
Known to stealthily escape from a boring party, speak his mind though offending some, and persist and endure when others despair, Grant Strate's half century in dance has seen the initiation of ventures that have transformed the art form in Canada and overseas. A charter member of the National Ballet of Canada in 1951, Strate's career has exceeded the roles of interpreter and choreographer. A catalyst, activist and advocate, he has been deeply involved in dance politics and has generated new opportunities in education, training and performance. Often described as Canada's Dance Statesman, Grant Strate continues a life in dance unparallelled.
255 pp., 6X9, ISBN 0-929003-52-7, softcover $24.95


Jean-Pierre Perreault: Choreographer, Editor: Aline Gélinas
Creator of the Canadian dance classic JOE, Jean-Pierre Perreault has clearly established himself as one of the country's leading choreographers. In this collection of eighteen essays dancers, choreographers, designers, academics, and fascinated spectators drawn from other artistic domains, pay tribute to Perreault's significant body of work, known for the scale of its staging and for its personal resonance and powerful imagery. First published in French, this 120-page softcover book was compiled and edited by Aline Gélinas. Translation by Lynne Carson.
120 pp., 9X6, 30 photos, ISBN 0-929003-12-8,
softcover $19.95

June Roper: Ballet Starmaker, Author: Leland Windreich
In 1934, the fates combined to bring June Roper to Vancouver. Over the next six years, outstanding dancers poured out of her BC School of Dancing, destined to spread their talents across four continents. A veteran performer, Roper was new to teaching. She had confidence, technique, and a fearless approach to dance and demanded no less from her students. Roper aggressively pursued auditions for her dancers sending them into the leading ballet companies of the day. Leland Windreich recounts Roper's remarkable life and her role as the "Ballet Starmaker.”
125 pp., 9X7.5, 31 photos/illus.,ISBN 0-929003-34-9, softcover $24.95


Maud Allan and Her Art, Author: Felix Cherniavsky
To know Maud Allan is to understand the frenetic energy and anxiety of the fin de siècle – the burning desire for freedom at any cost. She became "The Salome Dancer" in 1908 London, a "rock star" of Edwardian society, earning thousands of pounds a week with sensational performances of her Vision of Salome. By 1909 she had become the butt of copyists triggering a "Salomania" trend. She then performed around the world trying to shake the Salome Dancer image. Cherniavsky has assembled selected excerpts from what was written about her by reviewers, managers, friends, family, artists, and Maud Allan on Maud Allan.
178 pp., 8.5X11, 56 photos/illus., ISBN 0-929003-35-7, softcover $39.95


Max Wyman Revealing Dance, Author: Max Wyman
Max Wyman's not a bad guy, he's just a critic. Dance is central to his life and he makes it his business to see all the dance he can. As Wyman himself declares, "no other art form speaks so directly about the ephemerality of life, or about the human instinct to aim for that perfect moment of self-realization." In this collection of his best articles, critiques and commentaries from the last 30 years, he evokes for us some of those remarkable moments in the theatre when time stands still and a mysterious intoxication of delight and understanding takes over. Wyman offers precious insights and new understanding of an often elusive art form.
320 pp., 6X9, 43 photos, indexed, ISBN 0-929003-39-X, softcover $24.95


Ryman’s Dictionary of Classical Ballet Terms: Cecchetti, Author: Rhonda Ryman
Compiled by one of the world's leading experts on the language of dance, Ryman's Dictionary is a new guide to the complex language of Classical Ballet. Rhonda Ryman has spent more than 20 years exploring Classical Ballet terminology, aided by her expertise in kinesiology, Laban and Benesh notation systems and practical work as a ballet teacher. Building on her earlier RAD dictionary, her new book uses as its foundation the teachings and terminology of the great Italian teacher, Enrico Cecchetti. Ryman offers clear and comprehensive descriptions and pronunciation guides, for more than 900 ballet terms.
210 pp., 6X9, ISBN 0-929003-33-0, softcover $24.95


Spotlight Newsletters 1951-1956, Author: Bernadette Carpenter
After dancer Bernadette Carpenter opened her dance supplies store in Toronto in 1949, she began to publish a newsletter called SPOTLIGHT. The newsletter served to advertise the shop and spread the news and gossip from the bustling 1950's Canadian dance scene. These were boom years for Canadian dance and Bernadette was on the front lines recording accounts of the period's movers and shakers. Fully indexed with reproductions of the publication's original photographs, this collection is a highly valuable research tool.
126 pp., 8.5X11, ISBN 0-929003-20-9, softcover $16.95


The Dance Teacher: A Biography of Kay Armstrong, Author: Kaija Pepper
Kaija Pepper describes the Kay Armstrong of the 1940's and 1950's as an intimate part of the Vancouver landscape and her choreography as being "an expression of the people, the place and the times". This life's work is part of a dance continuity that stretches from the early 20th-century immigrant teachers to the modernists of today. Dozens of professional dancers emerged from Kay's studios but, as Pepper has discovered, it was Kay's choreographic gift that is her legacy. This biography paints an insightful and memorable portrait of the enigmatic Kay Armstrong.
153 pp., 6X9, 43 photos, ISBN 0-929003-43-8,
softcover $24.95


The Dictionary of Dance: Words, Terms and Phrases, Editor: Susan Macpherson
This Dictionary defines the spoken language that dancers, teachers, scholars, writers and choreographers use everyday. Both practical and entertaining, the Dictionary contains over 1,500 definitions covering a variety of dance forms – Classical Indian, Jazz, Métis, Ballet, Tap, Revived Greek, Figure Skating, Israeli, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Highland, Congolese, Ukrainian, Baroque, Ghanaian, Spanish, Mexican, Modern, and idiosyncratic dance language. If you are a dance student, performer, teacher or enthusiast, this Dictionary will inform, surprise and pique your interest in the ancient art of dance.
176 pp., 6X9, ISBN 0-929003-24-1, softcover $18.95


Theatrical Dance in Vancouver: 1880's-1920's, Author: Kaija Pepper
When the Canadian Pacific Railway built Vancouver's Opera House in 1891, the theatrical boom was on for the young city. Mabel Atlantis, "serpentine and butterfly dancer", appeared in 1898. Then came touring productions featuring Loie Fuller, Anna Pavlova, Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn, and the only Canadian stop for Diaghileff's Ballets Russes in 1917. By the 1920's, vaudeville acts were prominent and a growing community of Vancouver dancers emerged from schools operated by Mollie Lee, Helen Crewe and Gladys Atree, among others.
92 pp., 9X8, 40 photos/illus., ISBN 0-929003-38-1, softcover $21.00


This Passion: For the Love of Dance, Editor: Carol Anderson
This remarkable collection of original essays captures the indefinable, the moment of inspiration, the fleeting image, the passion that is the essence of dance. This Passion is the work of 18 authors, all of them dance professionals, as they reflect in very personal ways on the people and ideas that have influenced them and shaped the Canadian dance scene over the past 50 years and more. The collection as a whole offers a rich, informal and impressionistic account of the evolution of Canadian dance and will become an invaluable source both for dance scholars and the general dance audience.
194 pp., 6X9, 43 photos, ISBN 0-929003-37-3,
softcover $18.95


Toronto Dance Teachers 1825-1925, Author: Mary Jane Warner
Mrs. Cockburn, of York, announced in 1822 that dance would be included in her school's curriculum. Over the next century, dance evolved through an array of styles ranging from fancy dress balls, to physical culture, to ballet and the beginnings of modernism. Like other cities, dance in Toronto had its exponents and was highly respected until the fin de siècle when rag time and vaudeville emerged. Pavlova returned dance to respectability. After the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, Canada got its share of Russian dancers/teachers who greatly influenced the ballet profession.
100 pp., 8.5X11, ISBN 0-929003-25-X, softcover $24.95