Vincent Warren

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Warren, Vincent. December 2000. “Searching for the Spiritual Ideal: The Influence of India on Western Dance." Sruti, 195, 37-45.
Published in India’s premiere magazine for music and dance, “Searching for the Spiritual Ideal”, is based on lectures and presentations given by the author in India, which have also been shown at la Place des Arts in Montréal’s theatre complex.




Max Wyman


Wyman, Max. In Progess.
My Kirov: Biography of Oleg Vinogradov.
Former artistic director of the Kirov Ballet of St Petersburg. Involving over a decade of research in Canada, Russia and the U.S., this definitive biography traces Vinogradov’s origins as a dance student alongside Baryshnikov and Makarova at the Vaganova Institute, through his early years as a choreographer in Novosibirsk and his steady rise through the ranks in Leningrad to the pinnacle of ballet power at the Kirov, culminating in his current post as head of the Moon-financed Universal Ballet in Seoul. Through the story of his challenges and triumphs, we witness the transformation of a nation.


Wyman, Max. 2001. Max Wyman Revealing Dance. Toronto: Dance Collection Danse Press/es.
A lengthy dissection of the Kimberly Glasco affair at the National Ballet of Canada supplements a selection of more than 75 reviews, commentaries and profiles drawn from the best of Max Wyman’s writing in three decades of close attention to the Canadian dance scene as critic, columnist and Canada Council assessor.
ISBN: 0-929003-39-X, softcover $24.95


Wyman, Max. 1991. Evelyn Hart: An Intimate Portrait. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart.
Evelyn Hart is one of the greatest ballerinas Canada has ever produced. But the emotional intensity that characterizes her dance has its price. Her rise to ballet stardom has been filled with self-doubt, anxiety and set-backs that would have deterred a less committed dancer. This intimate portrait of her life tells how she has managed to overcome daunting personal obstacles and turn adversity to advantage on the stage.
ISBN: 0-7710-9038-2, hardcover


Wyman, Max. 1989. Dance Canada: An Illustrated History. Vancouver: Douglas and McIntyre.
Included in Great Canadian Books of the Century: Books that Shaped a Nation, this affectionate and anecdotal chronicle of dance in Canada marked the first time that this aspect of Canada’s cultural history had been so fully explored. Tracing the growth of ballet and modern dance from colonial times to the present day, Dance Canada interweaves fascinating stories of some of Canada’s least-known cultural heroes and heroines with the story of the development of the art of dance, contributing significantly to our understanding of the growth of the nation’s cultural fabric.
ISBN: 0-88894-67-0, hardcover $20, can be ordered through


Wyman, Max. 1978. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet: The First Forty Years. Toronto: Doubleday.
The RWB has brought the experience of dance to thousands of people in hundreds of towns and cities on four continents. This was the first book to chronicle its origins and growth from an informal “ballet club” to the globe-trotting cultural ambassador it has become. This lively account of the RWB’s history and astute analysis of the company at its 40th year provide a fascinating portrait of a unique Canadian institution.
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The Greater Vancouver Book. Vancouver: Linkman Press.
Historical essay on the development of ballet and modern dance in Vancouver in the second half of the 20th century.


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This essay examines the role of Québécois dancers and choreographers in the momentous social changes of Quebec in the mid-20th century – initially in the automatistes’ Refus Global movement of 1948, then more broadly in the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s. The struggles of Ludmilla Chiriaeff to establish dance as a viable and respected art form, and the heroic ground-breaking of such seminal pioneers as Françoise Sullivan and Jeanne Renaud, form the central focus of this important story of the emerging culture of French Canada.


Wyman, Max. August 2002. “Into the Spotlight: Moving Dance to the Forefront of the Public Agenda.” Keynote speech at Global Dance 2002: World Dance Alliance Festival - “Aesthetics of diversity.” Düsseldorf, Germany.
Threatened by the potential of globalization and the new information technologies to put a single homogenized face on 21st-century society, dance and the other arts will play an increasingly significant role in affirming and reinforcing distinctive human values and unique cultural identities. Government has an important role to play in fostering a wider public understanding and acceptance of the values and virtues of dance in the modern world.


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Leland Windreich


Windreich, Leland. 1999.
June Roper: Ballet Starmaker. Toronto: Dance Collection Danse Press/es.
In 1934, the fates combined to bring June Roper to Vancouver. Over the next six years, outstanding dancers poured out of her BC School of Dancing, destined to spread their talents across four continents. A veteran performer, Roper was new to teaching. She had confidence, technique, and a fearless approach to dance and demanded no less from her students. Roper aggressively pursued auditions for her dancers sending them into the leading ballet companies of the day. Leland Windreich recounts Roper's remarkable life and her role as the "Ballet Starmaker".
ISBN: 0-929003-34-9, softcover $24.95


Windreich, Leland. 1998. Dance Encounters. Toronto: Dance Collection Danse Press/es.
In his home town of San Francisco, Lee Windreich was captivated by the parade of dance companies that began touring there in the 1930's. His affinity became the exotic Ballets Russes dancers. After discovering Vancouver teacher June Roper, who produced a remarkable number of ballet dancers in the late 1930's, further research led to a substantial and undocumented history of Canadian Ballets Russes dancers. Other subjects include Australian Ringland Anderson's Ballets Russes films, the controversy between Patricia Neary and Ballet B.C., George Balanchine, James Kudelka, Agnes de Mille and Karen Jamieson.
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What is life really like in a big ballet company? In 1938, at age 16, Rosemary Deveson joined the Ballet Russe after a hurried midnight audition in Vancouver for Colonel de Basil and David Lichine. She signed a contract that morning, and with her friend Patricia Meyers, joined the famous ballet company. Within two years she had performed across Europe and in Australia, studied in Paris with Olga Preobrajenska, and was growing up very fast. Naïve and honest, articulate and vivid, Rosemary's letters tell it like it is, sometimes telling too much!
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